10 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

You've spent all of this time preparing the perfect menu and scrolling endlessly through Pinterest at dozens and dozens of delicious Thanksgiving recipes. We've got some great ideas to help you display all of your delicious food in the most creative and elegant ways.

1. Go rustic

Embrace the rustic fall glam with wooden accents, rustic decor, fall leaves, plaid, birch-wood centerpieces and more. A simple vineyard set of matching tables and chairs can truly tie the entire scene together. Rustic dinner-tables are elegant, simple, cozy and cute. If you're interested in renting a table and chairs for your Thanksgiving feast , be sure to check out the selection at ColdIronEventRentals.com. We rent hand-crafted vineyard pieces at an affordable price all year long.

2. DIY Centerpiece

A simple DIY centerpiece is affordable and elegant. Something as simple as throwing some lights and leaves into a few mason jars can add the perfect touch to any Thanksgiving dinner setting. You can also decorate pumpkins, have a candle display, or even fresh fall flowers in a revamped vase or bucket add a special touch to your dinner table.

3. Utilize lighting

Lighting is an important element to consider as well. Depending on the room and setting, you may want to go with dim lighting to make the space feel more inviting and elegant. Add candles and string lights to enhance the space and amaze your guests. Or, if you want to have a lighter open space, add string lights all across the table with a garland made with fake leaves. Allow in more light, but still use candles and string lights for the display!

4. Elegant Dinnerware

After all of your hard work in the kitchen, don't disappoint your guests with plastic or paper dinnerware and red plastic cups. Excite guests with classy dinnerware, elegant glasses and beautiful napkins. Getting all of this doesn't have to break the bank... you can always rent your dinnerware from ColdIron Event Rentals. ColdIron has a wide selection of elegant dinnerware, silverware and glasses that match any theme or color scheme you are trying to achieve for your event. With simple white plates, glasses and silverware that shines; your guests are sure to be amazed. In fact, the price of renting dinnerware is very comparable to the price of purchasing plastic utensils; it looks nicer and is better for the environment too!

5. Place Settings

Another simple way to impress your guests is by having all of the place settings perfectly aligned. There are hundreds of different guidelines on the internet about how to set up your dinner table. A uniform look can make a big difference. Keep it simple and elegant and try to have each place setting match the one next to it. Again, it's always a great idea to rent dinnerware from top event rental companies in your area. Give ColdIron a call if you're interested in renting the best quality dinnerware available in the Cincinnati area.

6. Fall tones

Another great way to make your Thanksgiving dinner table more warm and cozy is to use fall colors like dark orange, deep plum, warm browns, dark blue and other neutral colors. Using plaid is a great way to bring together a variety of fall shades for a warm and elegant look.

7. Name tags

Name tags are an easy and quick way to make your guests feel important. These small homemade or printed signs add a special touch to each and every place setting. Creative signs can be brought home by each guest so they can look back and remember your beautiful Thanksgiving feast!

8. Bring the outside in

You may not be able to set up your dinner outdoors due to the Cincinnati weather conditions, but that shouldn't stop you from bringing the outdoors in! Decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table with pine-cones, pumpkins, leaves, fresh flowers, and more! This is a simple and affordable way to make your dinner table more festive.

9. Kid's Table

You can't forget a kid's table. Add fun coloring pages and small crafts to keep the little ones entertained. This allows for the adults at the party to watch their little ones play as they enjoy the fantastic feast and red wine you've set out.

10. Keep it simple

Keep your table setting elegant and simple. Thanksgiving is meant to be a holiday to celebrate what you are thankful for. Keep it simple, enjoy the holiday, enjoy your company and don't over complicate it.


Want more inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner table?

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