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Dance Floor Rentals

Dance Floor Rentals Cincinnati

In search of a high-quality dance floor for an upcoming wedding or event? It looks like you've come to the right place. Scroll through this page for detailed information, pricing, and photos of our dance floor rentals. We currently have three variations of Dance Floor in our available inventory. This includes Black & White, Wood Parquet, and Windsor Oak Plank. These variations are perfect for a variety of wedding reception and party themes. 

During the planning phase, please remember that all dance floors must be covered by a tent or placed indoors. 

Wedding Table Set

WHat customers say

"My fiancé and I had the best experience with Coldiron Event Rentals. We will use their services in the future and recommend them to as many people as possible. You will not regret using their services.

— Alec Gramaglia, Groom

Black and White Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Black and White

12' x 12' - $633.00

12' x 15'  - $792.00.

Parque Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Wood Parquet

12' x 12' - $633.00

15' x 15'  - $989.00

18' x 18' - $1,424.00

21' x 21' - $1,939.00

Custom sizing is also available.

Windsor Oak Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Windsor Oak Plank

9' x 12' - $475.00

12' x 12'  - $633.00

Custom sizing is also available.

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