Tent Rentals

Many rentals companies save their "Grade A" tents for weddings and special events.  At ColdIron Event Rentals ALL of our tents are new, "Grade A" equipment so you can be sure to have the top of the line in quality and cleanliness for your event or party rental every time.

Cincinnati Tent rentals

ColdIron Event Rentals is Cincinnati's premier locally owned and operated tent and event rental company. Outdoor party tents can completely transform any event into a beautiful, elegantly lit atmosphere. In addition to our high-quality tents, we can also provide lighting, heating, cooling, and electricity for your tent. 

Not sure what size tent you should be looking at for your wedding or event? We typically recommend at least 10 square feet of space per each guest. Therefore, if you have 60 guests, you should have at least 600 square feet of space for the guests alone. That means a 20x30 would be the minimum size tent we'd suggest to hold just your guests. Of course, tables, bands, bars, food service, etc. will require more space. But that is typically a good starting point when looking at pricing. 

We are the leaders in event production, management, and tent rentals. Give us a call today or enter your information in our contact form for a free quote or for more information on our pricing, party packages, and more.


The sizes below are only partial listings of the most common tent sizes we carry. If you have a different tent size in mind that is not listed, we likely have it available in our warehouse! 


Give ColdIron Event Rentals a call today at (513) 882-2951 for more information.

    Frame Tents             

10 X 10 Frame Tent          $160.80     
10 X 20 Frame Tent          $322.80

10 x 30 Frame Tent          $381.60
15 X 15 Frame Tent          $361.20     
20 X 20 Frame Tent          $405.00    

20 X 30 Frame Tent          $530.40     
20 X 40 Frame Tent          $675.60     

20 X 50 Frame Tent          $780.00     

20 X 60 Frame Tent          $904.80     
30 X 30 Frame Tent          $730.80     
30 X 40 Frame Tent          $898.80
30 X 50 Frame Tent          $1,123.20     

30 X 60 Frame Tent          $1,317.60

*More sizes are available, please ask if you are looking for a size that is not listed here.

Clear Top Tents
20 x 20 Clear Top (26 seated guests) - $948.00
20 x 70 Clear Top (93 seated guests) - $2,122.80
30 x 30 Clear Top (60 seated guests) - $1,521.60
30 x 40 Clear Top (80 seated guests) - $1,864.80
               Pole Tents               

40 X 40 Pole Tent           $1,058.00      
40 X 60 Pole Tent           $1,584.00    
40 X 80 Pole Tent           $2,112.00      

40 X 100 Pole Tent         $2,640.00     
40 X 120 Pole Tent         $3,168.00     
40 X 140 Pole Tent         $3,696.00     
40 X 160 Pole Tent         $4,224.00     

40 X 180 Pole Tent         $4,752.00     

40 X 200 Pole Tent         $5,280.00

60 x 60 Pole Tent           $2,745.60

60 x 80 Pole Tent           $3,556.80

60 x 100 Pole Tent         $4,368.00

*More sizes are available, please ask if you are looking for a size that is not listed here.

Clear Top Tent for Rent Cincinnati