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Social Distancing Rentals for School

With August quickly approaching and many schools opening soon, we decided to launch our new school rental program which offers a significant discount off of normal rental rates.  Under this program, our rental rates are cut by 50% after the first week's rental!

Want to know more about how you can utilize our rental equipment for social distancing in schools? Keep reading!

Outdoor Tents

Tents are a perfect way to expand your school's footprint.  Lunch, physical education, band and many other classes can be held outside under a tent with plenty of space for social distancing and fresh air.

Pipe and Drape

One of our favorite ways to section off and space out any crowd is by using our classic pipe and drape. You'll typically find our pipe and drape at local conventions to separate businesses and section off large crowds. Since the start of the pandemic and reopening of restaurants, we have been using our pipe and drape to section off tables and space out seating. The same can be done in school cafeterias.

Extra Tables and Chairs

Of course, with extra space comes extra seating. Whether it's for eliminating the number of students that come into contact with the same tables and chairs, outdoor seating for classes under the tents, or just for additional space, we have hundreds of chairs and tables available for rent.

We can space out the tables and chairs however you see fit and we also offer disposable plastic table coverings that are easy to wipe down.

Table and Chair Rentals
Table and Chair Rentals

Governor Dewine is making available to schools, CARE Act Money from the Federal Government that can be used for COVID 19 needs. 


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