• Sara Dirr

Outdoor Tents for Additional Dining Room Seating

Many restaurants have been using outdoor tents for additional dining room space. Now that it's getting colder at night, we recommend adding sidewalls and space heaters to keep customers warm and comfortable while still remaining compliant with social distancing regulations.

See the photos below to get a better picture of how we can set up our outdoor party tents. The top three photos are of our outdoor party tents with sidewalls. The bottom three show what our clear-top tent and pole tents look like without sidewalls.

Our large tents offer a spacious area to organize seating under. Easily maintain 6 feet of distance between tables while offering room for the staff to move through. See the photos below to see just how spacious our outdoor party tent is for restaurant and bar dining room space.

Our Grade-A Tents make the perfect outdoor dining room for restaurants looking to safely add additional seating. Easily add sidewalls and tent heaters to keep your customers warm and comfortable!

Call (513) 882-2951 or visit www.coldironeventrentals.com for more information and to get your rental order started now.

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