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Outdoor Furniture Rentals

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Planning an outdoor social distancing party? We have the perfect outdoor furniture for your event! Our high-quality outdoor seating, fire pits and cooling units can keep your guests comfortable in the hot July or August sun.

Wicker Sectional

We love the wicker sectional for comfortable outdoor seating. This sectional has multiple parts that can be shaped to perfectly fit your event space. These sectionals are perfect for any outdoor event, we love to use them at our own outdoor festivals or parties! Wicker sectionals come with white cushioned seats for additional comfort and their simple design matches any event layout or theme. These sectionals have been rented for multiple different types of events; from corporate events to outdoor festivals to graduation parties, retirement parties, weddings, casual cook-outs and so much more.

See the photos below of our Wicker Sectional set up in multiple ways. We suggest adding an ottoman or a fire pit in the center of the sectional setup.

Propane Fire Pit

It's not a summer party without a fire pit! These unique rental items add the perfect flare to any event! They are perfect for late night parties when the sun goes down or for sitting around during the day. Check out first photo in the gallery above to see what these fire pits look like with our wicker sectionals. Or, check out the photo below for an up-close view of our outdoor fire pits available for rent!

Cooling Units & Fans

Beat the summer heat while still keeping your guests outside with a few cooling units and fans. Here at ColdIron, we know a thing or two about planning outdoor events. And one thing we can say for certain is you need to have some sort of cooling unit or fans to keep your guests cool and comfortable. In the warm and humid climate we live in, it's important to keep your guests safe and out of the constant heat if you're trying to make sure everyone stays outdoors. These rentals might just be the best way to beat the summer heat at your next outdoor event!


The best way to keep the hot summer sun off your guests at any outdoor event is with a simple outdoor tent! We are Cincinnati's top tent rental company and we provide Grade-A tents for every single event. For more information about our tent sizes and prices visit our tent rentals page by clicking here. Tents are also great for sprinkles of rain or unpredictable weather. We highly recommend throwing a tent over any tables, chairs, or outdoor furniture pieces your rent. You can also use our cooling units and fans under a tent for extra comfort for your guests. Add some lighting and you've got the perfect outdoor party ambiance!

Tables and Chairs

You can't forget about the tables and chairs! Check out our full collection of tables and chairs on our website. Click here for table rental information. Click here for chair rental information.


Ready to get your rental order started? Give us a call now at (513) 882-2951 or visit our contact page to fill out a quote request form.


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