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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Many rentals companies save their "Grade A" tents for weddings and special events. At ColdIron Event Rentals ALL of our tents are new, "Grade A" equipment so you can be sure to have the top of the line in quality and cleanliness for your event or party rental every time.


There's a hot new trend in the event industry - Clear Top Tents! These unique and beautiful frame tents add the perfect pop to any festival, event, party or dinner!

Whether you and your fiancé want to stargaze on your wedding night or you are hosting a corporate party and truly want to amaze your guests, this special touch is exactly what you've been looking for. Here at ColdIron, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, we added clear top tents of all sizes to our already fantastic inventory.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about our Clear Top Tents.

1. All of our products are made with the highest quality materials available, especially these eye-catching tents.

2. You can light up the night sky by adding string lights to the interior of the tent. When the sky gets dark, it will give the appearance of star lights twinkling overhead.

3. The clear top tents are slightly more expensive than a traditional all white frame tent. This is due to the lifespan of a tent of this kind. Due to the fact that we require all of our products to look and feel brand new at each event, we refuse to have old or diminishing products available for rent. Therefore, we cannot keep clear top tents in our rental cycle for as long as we can with our white frame tents. However, this slight change in price is worth every penny when you watch as your guests light up when they walk into the beautiful space.

4. You can add the clear top tents to any of our event rental packages in place of the traditional white frame tent.

5. It's true that these tents have a breath-taking nighttime display, but they are perfect any time of day. Let some sunlight in during a daytime party, enjoy the morning dew for an elegant brunch, admire the snow gently falling or watch as the sun turns orange and pink during sunset all within the comfort of a clear top tent.

6. Clear top tents are in high-demand, therefore, if you wish to reserve one for an upcoming party or event, be sure to give us a call at (513) 882-2951 for a free quote and information about reserving your rentals.

Interested in renting a clear top tent for your upcoming event? Give us a call at

(513) 882-2951 or visit and click "Get a Quote Today" for more info.


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