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Back To School - Rental Supplies

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Coldiron Event Rentals is the leader in tent and event rentals and innovation in the Tri State area and has been working with a number of businesses, healthcare facilities, grocers, and restaurants during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Tents are a perfect way to expand your school's footprint.  Lunch, physical education, band and many other classes can be held outside under a tent with plenty of social distancing, fresh air and breezes.  

We are pleased to launch our new school rental program that offers a significant discount off of normal rental rates.  Under this program our rental rates are cut by 50% after the first week's rental!

Social distancing in schools.
CAD Diagram Showing Social Distancing At Schools

Governor Dewine is making available to schools, CARE Act Money from the Federal Government that can be used for COVID-19 needs. 

Call us today for information about our Back To School Rental Program! Our logistics team has organized multiple ways to utilize outdoor tents, pipe and drape, outdoor seating, and more to help get kids back to the classroom safely this Fall.

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