Coldiron Enterprises Enjoys Great Success in 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Before we begin a new decade full of opportunities, we wanted to reflect back on this past year and share with you five of our 2019 company highlights. If you want to reflect as well, please leave a comment below sharing your top 2019 achievements.

5. Coldiron Event Rentals Branch Grows Significantly, Successfully

The growth of Coldiron Event Rentals in 2019 was something we are proud of. More employees were hired and more jobs were undertaken by Coldiron in 2019 than any year previous, and the stage was set for yet another boom in 2020. With events all over the tri-state area on the docket for the upcoming year, you will surely see Coldiron trucks when driving around the Cincinnati area and at the city's biggest events.

4. The Great Inland Seafood Festival Brings in Record Number of Attendees

As part of our Coldiron Concessions branch, we produce and participate in great events in Newport and in Cincinnati. One of these is the Great Inland Seafood Festival, which saw the greatest number attendees in the event's history. Due to the high demand of Whole Maine Lobsters, people brought in buckets and coolers to bring the lobsters home to their friends and family. Visitors traveled from Virginia, Pennsylvania, northern Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and beyond to take part in and enjoy this one-of-a-kind Kentucky seafood festival. We can't wait to see what 2020 brings for the Great Inland Seafood Festival, but we know it will feature great bands, food, and fun.

3. Glier's Goettafest Breaks Trend and Successfully Expands to Two Weekends

For the first time in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky history, Glier's Goettafest took over two weekends in late July/early August. As one of the biggest events in the Midwest, Glier's Goettafest brought in more goetta-lovers than ever before. With eight full days of delicious food, live music (on two stages), fun games, and more, it is safe to say that the two-week experiment was a great success. We are proud to continue to work alongside Glier's each year and look forward to Goettafest in 2020.

2. Coldiron Takes Over Production of Celtic Festival, Partners with Cincinnati Reds to Bring Event Downtown

In 2019 we decided to add another fantastic event to our bank of successful festivals and events. Not only did the Cincinnati Celtic Festival Facebook page nearly triple in size since we took it over, but the festival itself was booming all weekend long with delicious food, live music, Irish beer, downtown fun and baseball! Our partnership with the Cincinnati Reds led to a strong Irish Heritage Night, and we were proud to have Nicholson's, The Pub, Guinness, State Farm, The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and Mariner Wealth Advisors as our sponsors for the event. We assure you, we'll be back bigger and better than ever in 2020.

1. Coldiron Takes over Historic Diner en Blanc, Brings it to New Setting With Beautiful Scenery

Le Diner en Blanc Cincinnati saw its 8th year in 2019, and for the first time, it was produced by Coldiron. Working through some obstacles, our event experts were able to bring the magic of the event to life in a whole new setting: The Purple People Bridge. Never thought to be possible before, the night of September 14th, 2019 was beautiful, elegant and magical as the sun set behind the Cincinnati skyline. This event required far more time and energy than anyone could have predicted, but our determined crew knew it was all worth it when we watched as guests' faces lit up as they realized the location.

Left to Right: Bill, Denny, Mario, Donna, Marc, Jessica, Kerry, Sara & Rob


We hope you all have a great New Year! 🎊

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