10 Things You May Overlook When Planning Your Holiday Party

We know that holiday party planning can be very stressful. We want to help by creating a list of the top ten items that people tend to overlook (or think they already own enough of) and always need during the holiday season! Whether you're in charge of having the in-laws over for Christmas, inviting all of your friends over to watch the ball drop on New Year's or are planning any other holiday get-together, this guide will help!

1. Linens

It seems so simple, but in the grand scheme of things, a lot of people overlook their linens. You can buy cheap, plastic linens from your local party store or you can rent elegant and high-quality linens from ColdIron. If you're planning a timeless red and green holiday party, then you can rent matching linens in nearly every shape or size to suit all serving and dining tables in your house. We also have elegant blues, whites and silvers that come in an array of patterns and material. We also have elegant plaids, sequins and more fine prints to enhance your party. We also have elegant napkins to perfectly match your holiday color scheme!

Click here to see the variety of linens we offer for rent. We store all of our linens off site so if you wish to rent them, please call in at least 5-7 days prior to your party so we can guarantee their arrival. Holiday hours may affect shipping time.

2. Additional Silverware

With way more hungry guests than you typically have in your home, you'll need additional silverware. Again, you can purchase cheap plastic silverware, or you can rent some elegant silverware for a similar price at ColdIronEventRentals.com.

Click here for more info on pricing and to see what our selection of silverware looks like.

3. Extra Seating

If you don't want your guests sitting on the floor and if you don't want to ask your guests to bring their own seating, you can rent additional chairs form ColdIronEventRentals.com.

4. Clothing Racks with Hangers

It's chilly here in Cincinnati and all of your guests will walk in with coats, hats, scarves and bags! Easily store them with a set of clothing rack and hangers. We suggest 1 clothing rack per about 50 people.

5. Outdoor Space & Heating

You may not have enough space indoors to comfortably host all of your guests. Add additional seating with a heated outdoor space. A simple heated tent with sidewalls can transform a party and take it to the next level. Not only is it a unique atmosphere that can be beautifully lit with elegant lighting across all sides, it also allows for more space inside the home.

6. Patio Heaters

You may not need a full tent to accompany all of your guests, but, if you'd like to still have the option to take the party outdoors, you can always rent patio heaters to keep your guests warm and cozy as they enjoy the beautiful winter weather outside.

7. Bar

Bring the night to life with an elegant vineyard bar to store all of your fun mixed drinks and signature cocktails. Guests can poor their own drinks or dine on delicious appetizers at the simple and elegant 2-barrel or 3-barrel bar. This space also makes the perfect hot chocolate bar, cookie lineup or coffee corner!

8. Beverage Dispenser & Bottle Chillers

Whether you're serving hot cocoa or chilled wine at your holiday event, you'll need a beverage dispenser or bottle chiller. It takes the hassle out of utilizing fridge space or have a messy crock-pot full of hot liquid sitting on the table.

9. Glasses and Mugs

Don't waste your time with those red plastic cups. Make sure that you have reliable and sturdy glasses and mugs to serve your hot and cold beverages in at your party.

10. Additional Plates

There's no need to serve the meal you've been working on for hours on a dull paper plate. Renting elegant and simple white dinner or salad plates from ColdIron Events is easy and affordable. Plus, a dinner table with all matching plates and dinnerware is so pleasing to the eye.

All of the items listed above are available for rent from ColdIron Event Rentals.

Call (513) 882-2951 or visit www.coldironeventrentals.com for more information and for a free quote on the items that you'll need for your event!

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