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Business Rentals for Social Distancing

In the current state of the world, additional safety measures for restaurants, offices, stores and all businesses are top priority. Since the beginning of March, our logistics team has worked endlessly to develop ways to utilize our event rental equipment in new ways that would benefit the community. Our tents have been seen at testing facilities all across the Midwest. We're used to thinking outside for the box to produce unique events year round. But these past few months have been unlike any other. We have developed multiple ways to utilize our tents, outdoor furniture, pipe and drape and more to allow businesses to open and continue to run as normal as possible while remaining compliant with social distancing regulations.

Clear Top Tent Rental
Social Distancing Business Solutions

Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape allows for easy separation of tables at restaurants, lines at indoor shopping facilities and more. They are 8ft tall pipes that hang drapes in whatever fashion best suits the environment. You'll typically find them at conventions to separate different vendors. Our pipe and drape comes in black, blue or white. See the photo below to see how our Pipe and Drape can allow restaurants to open with more capacity and better separation. Our Pipe and Drape solution allows guests and customers to feel safe in public settings. If you're a business owner or manager, call us today at (513) 882-2951 for a free quote and more information.

Pipe and Drape Rental Cincinnati
Social Distancing Business Solutions

Outdoor Tents

Another great solution for businesses is to open outdoor facilities to sell products or open outdoor dining options for additional seating. Many business are getting creative with outdoor shops, pickups, and outdoor dining. However, it's getting hot! We have cooling units that you can set up near our tables and chairs for more comfortable seating. We also have large outdoor tents that work great at covering your customers from the hot sun.

Social Distancing Business Solutions
Tent Rentals Cincinnati

Our tents also make great coverage for many health care facilities to operate drive-thru testing for Covid-19. Businesses such as Kroger, TriHealth, and UC Health have utilized our outdoor tents for drive-thru testing.

Social Distancing Business Solutions
Tent Rental Cincinnati

Outdoor Furniture

Indoor business operations can get crowded and congested. That's why we recommend moving the party outside during these times! Whether you're celebrating a graduate from a distance or organizing your restaurant's outdoor dining facility, our outdoor furniture is the highest quality available on the market. Rent outdoor furniture today from Cincinnati's premier locally owned and operated event rental company, ColdIron Event Rentals.

Social Distancing Business Solutions
Outdoor Furniture Rental Cincinnati

If you or your business needs solutions to stay open during this time, you've come to the right place. ColdIron Event Rentals is your one stop shop to business rentals for social distancing. Call our office today at (513) 882-2951 and one of our sales representatives will get your rental order set up with a free quote. We're locally owned and operated and we want to help support other local businesses in Cincinnati and beyond.

For more information about our business solutions, visit the Covid-19 Response page on our website.

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