Miscellaneous Event Rentals

Mobile LED Billboard

Its your personal roadside commercial that runs 24/7 in any weather!


Our mobile electronic LED sign for rent is a great way to get attention, or advertise your next special event or business promo in a dramatic fashion. Full color, video capability gives you flexibility and power to produce colorful and exciting messages that can be viewed in the most brutal weather conditions and at greater distance up to 100's of feet.

LED Billboard requires a single 20 amp outlet to operate.


Price:   $400 Weekly 

Restroom Trailer

Air Conditioned! You will never rent a port-a-potty again! 


Our restroom trailer is complete with heat or air conditioning.

This is a 9 station unit with 2 urinals and 2 stalls on the Men's side and 5 stalls on the Women's side, with 2 sinks on each side.

REQUIRED: (2) - 20 amp 120v circuits + Water source is a simple garden hose hook up.

Price:   $1500 Weekly

(Pumping fees are extra)

Outdoor Umbrella
Our bright red umbrellas make a stunning addition to any outdoor event. Price: $10.92
Patio Heater
Keep warm with our outdoor patio heater. The sleek and simple design is easy to gather round on cold days. Price: $48.67
Mobile Beverage Cart
This mobile cart is ideal for keeping beverages or food cool. For an elevated look check out our vineyard beverage cart. Price: $37.95

4ft long
2ft wide
3ft tall
Black Trash Can
Black inconspicuous trash can. Easy for your guest to find, but not an eyesore. Price: $5.46
Beverage Dispenser
Keep your beverages the right temperature with our sleek beverage dispenser. Ideal for buffet style events. Price: $27.50
Bottle Chiller
Perfect for creating a beautiful display of the wine, beer, and/or spirits offered at your event.

Price: $35.50
Sterno Hot Box
Keep all your food warm and safe! Recommended for any event in which you will be serving food. Able to be used indoors or outdoors. Price: $161.25
Our staging is very versatile. You're able to create your own custom layout that will suit the needs of your event perfectly. Price:
4'x4' - $32.45
4'x8' - $62.40
Stage Skirting
Hide wires and event equipment with our stylish stage skirting. Price: $1.20/ft
Tent Heater
Keep your tent warm with our propane tent heaters. Perfect for fall and winter outdoor events.
Regular - $187.46
Jumbo - $294.58
White Bike Rack Fencing
8' white bike rack fencing is perfect for creating any type of barrier at an event. Price: $21.75
White Picket Fencing
10' white picket fencing provides the perfect upscale barrier for your event. Price: $37.95
Propane Fire Pit
Elegant and appealing for any backyard event.
Price: $81.12
12'x12' Dance Floor
Whether your planning on doing the Macarena, Dougie, YMCA or Cha-Cha Slide, this dance floor can handle it all. Perfect for weddings and events. Price: $512.00
Dance Floor Section
For additional 3' x 3' sections of windsor oak dance floor. Each additional section is $32.00
Umbrella with Stand
This 10' Sq. Umbrella Set is sure to keep guests cool and happy under the warm summer sun. Price: $107.12
2'x4' Propane Grill
Planning an upcoming event and want to have a cookout? With this 2'x4' grill, you'll be able to satisfy all of your guests! Price: $81.15
20lb Propane Tank
Always reliable and ready to fuel.
Price: $27.04
100lb Propane Tank
Always reliable and ready to fuel.
Price: $133.90
5lb Fire Extinguisher
Safety first!
Price: $10.92
Exit Light Sign
Keep your guests safe with this exit light sign.
Price: $54.08
Clothes Rack with Hangers
Ensure guests have a clean and secure place to store their coats, purses and other clothing items.
Price: $28.50
Pedestal Fan
24"-30" Pedestal Fan will keep guests happy and cool during the hot summer days at parties and events.
Price: $32.45
Giant Jenga
A game for kids and adults alike. Stack it high and try to not let it come crashing down!
Price: $27.00
Beersbee Set
Beersbee is a yard game involving 2 teams of up to two players each attempting to knock a beer can or bottle off of the opposing team's pole using a disk. Perfect for college graduation parties, family gatherings, or nearly any other event.
Price: $10.99
Cornhole Set
Bring your party to life with a fun game of cornhole!
Price: $27.00
Giant Connect 4
The perfect party game! Great for summer parties, weddings, graduation parties, retirement parties, barbecues and more!
Price: $27.00
Perfect for giving speeches at corporate events, parties, weddings and more. This handy podium has everything you need to ensure a professional experience for all guests.
Price: $65.00
Control the climate of your outdoor space with this CoolBox from Cool-A-Zone. Ideal for backyards, outdoor events, restaurant patios, industrial applications or even disaster relief, this evaporative air cooler can lower air temperatures directly in front of unit from 10 - 25 degrees using water-soaked cooling pads.

Price: $149.00
Starting Line Fencing
6.5' White Starting Line Fencing

Each $21.50
Spikeball is the perfect game for outdoor events including festivals, grad parties, family picnics and more. The object of the game is to hit the ball into the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. You can rent this game set for your next event for only $22.00.


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Price: $1.20 / ft

Price: $10.92

Price: $48.67

Price: $37.95

Price: $5.46

Price: $161.25

Price: Varies

Price: Varies

Price: $21.75

Price: 37.95

Price: $81.12

Price: $28.50

Price: $512.00

Price: $10.92

Price: $107.12

Price: $27.50

Price: $27.00

Price: $27.04

Price: $81.15

Price: $27.00

Price: $133.90

Price: $10.99

Price: $54.08

Price: $32.00

Price: $32.45

Price: $35.50

Price: $27.00

Price: $65.00

            8' Bar Kit
              Price: $64.95
              Price: $149.00
              Price: $21.50
              Price: $22.00
Pedestal Fan

24"-30" Pedestal Fan will keep guests happy and cool during the hot summer days at parties and events. Price: $32.45